In response to Donald Trump picking Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, women across the country are calling the campaign to talk about their menstrual cycles. Sure, politicians should be talking about way more important things than periods, but the Indiana governor has made it his business by supporting extreme views on women’s health. (He signed a law that would have forced women who had miscarriages or abortions to hold funerals for the fetuses.)

For the record, Trump’s views on the subject aren’t much better. Remember when he said Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her whatever” following her pointed questions for him this past spring?

These one-off phone calls are occasionally humorous, but they aren’t inconsequential. Women are standing up and saying they value the ability to control their own bodies, rather than allowing the government to make laws limiting their choices. Many women who called Trump’s campaign to talk about their menstrual cycles shared their stories on the aptly name Periods for Pence and TamponsforTrump Facebook pages. Here are just a few: