Hannah Battiste was tired of internet trolls making comments about her weight and clothing choices. So in the best response to body shamers maybe ever, the 18-year-old from Canada decided to chin up—literally. In a series of selfies she posted on Facebook, she revealed a line written on her chin aimed at her haters: “F*ck you.”

In the post she wrote:

My reaction when someone judges me…”You gained weight.” So what? Being thick is a choice! “Why do you wear dresses?” Why TF not? If I wanna wear a dress through all the seasons, then I’m going to! No matter what you do, whether it’s right or wrong, people are going to judge you…go ahead and judge me, I know who I am, and I know my purpose in life.

As she told BuzzFeed News, “I made humor out of it because I don’t really care what people think of me.”

Mic drop.