Queen Bey and her entire crew of female warriors are serious about making lemonade when life gives you lemons. Paulette Leaphart, who appeared in the “Lemonade” video, isn’t ashamed of her double mastectomy scars, as she explains in this powerful promo video for Scar Story, an inspirational documentary that will follow her 1,000-mile walk from Mississippi to Washington, D.C. Leaphart was initially ashamed of her scars, but after realizing that we all live with scars (either physical or emotional), she decided to show them off—and show everyone that “this is what breast cancer looks like” and that it’s not a “pretty story wrapped up in a pretty pink bow.”

She plans to end the walk on her 50th birthday, which she says is an important tribute to all the women who didn’t make it to age 50. Her mission is inspiring whether or not you have been impacted by breast cancer, especially her final words: “I define me—not my breasts, not my hair color, not my size 2 or my size 40. I define me.”