We know soda isn’t great for us. Each can is full of sugar (or if it’s diet, artificial sweeteners). And dentists have always told us that sugary stuff can lead to cavities. But we didn’t realize exactly the kind of harm soda can do to your teeth.

That is, until Chase Wiley, the kid behind the YouTube channel ScienceC, provided some disturbing visuals. He stuck one of his sister’s baby teeth in a bottle of Mountain Dew and another in a bottle of Coca-Cola for almost three weeks to see what would happen. Let’s just say you can’t unsee this.

First up, the Mountain Dew tooth:

Look at all that yellow. It’s like buttered popcorn grew fangs or a miniature sushi roll put on yellow pants. Either way, it’s seared into our memory now. Great!

OK, do you think you can handle the Coke tooth? Here goes:

Wait, that’s not a Hershey’s Kiss that melted in someone’s pocket?! Yikes.

Now to be scientific we need a close-up comparison.

We’re not sure which is worse. Technically the tooth that sat in Mountain Dew was more rotted (if you go by the amount of mass it loss), but we wouldn’t want to walk around with a mouthful of the Coke teeth either.

It’s worth noting that it’s not exactly fair to compare teeth soaked in soda 24/7 for three weeks to drinking a can of Coke here and there. But if you’re hooked on soft drinks, you could do some serious damage.

If you want to watch Wiley’s full experiment (fair warning: it’s science heavy), check out the video below: