We’re all familiar with wellness Instagrammers. They’re the ones making healthy meals that look too delicious to actually be good for you, the ones who somehow find time to work out eight days per week, who never drink alcohol, and who genuinely enjoy eating salads every day (?!?!?).

Well, Edward Lane, a Men’s Health UK editor, is familiar with them too. He created a hilarious parody account, Wellness Ted, to poke fun at the world of influencers on Instagram, which, as he puts it, “takes itself way too f*cking seriously.” If his goal is to make people step back and look more critically at some of the stuff healthy bloggers post, he’s definitely succeeded—just ask his 20K followers.

But Wellness Ted isn’t just amazing because it’s hilariously spot-on (the six-pack abs, the novel-length captions detailing the health benefits of each ingredient in a meal), but also because it’s actually making an important point about separating reality from Instagram.

As the boyfriend of an Instagram celeb (he dates Amy Hopkinson), Lane knows what really goes into those perfectly curated blogs. Many of his posts explain what happens behind the scenes, emphasizing that what you see doesn’t always reflect reality.

Even though we love that wellness bloggers motivate us to do all those healthy things we’re tempted to avoid, it’s refreshing to have someone like Wellness Ted in our feed to remind us life’s not all about abs and macronutrients. Sometimes it’s about putting on comfy athleisure and having a few beers.