We’re all for stuff that gets us pumped up about loving our bodies— even commercials—but sometimes it’s obvious that brands don’t quite get it. Body positivity is about embracing your body and celebrating its beauty, NOT about shaming it for something it “can’t” do, “can’t” have, or “should” look like. That’s why this new Weight Watchers Australia ad totally misses the mark:

The ad may be meant to help women love their bodies, but here’s the message we’re hearing: You need to lose weight to enjoy your sex life, and post baby-body is something you need to “hide.”

Not only is this ad offensive, it’s also completely false. Women of all sizes love their sex lives, and all bodies are worth celebrating—stretch marks, belly rolls, and all. Thankfully, the Internet was quick to call Weight Watchers out:

weight watchers black weight watchers black

We’re not saying it’s wrong to want to lose weight. Plenty of people love and accept their bodies (that doesn’t mean it’s easy!) and still want to make a change. But to suggest that people need to lose weight because of the way they feel in the bedroom? Yikes.