After her husband’s devastating suicide last year, 31-year-old Justine McCabe latched onto binge-eating as a coping mechanism. At the time she weighed 313 pounds. Realizing she needed to make some big changes, she began going to the gym, reports Caters News Agency. Now, a year later, she’s lost 124 pounds.

On top of some drastic lifestyle changes (she started a clean-eating diet, worked out six days a week, and had the support of an online coach), McCabe did one small thing to help hold herself accountable: She documented her transformation with daily selfies.

“The selfies were a massive encouragement for me. Whenever I didn’t want to go to the gym, I’d skim through them and realize why I was doing it all,” McCabe told Caters News. As she lost weight, she also tackled other challenges, like going parasailing and cliff jumping. “I knew if I could survive living without my husband and mum then I should push my boundaries and limits to face all fears I had, to live a life they would be proud of,” she said. Read her heartfelt personal story on her blog and follow her journey on Instagram.