Wean Green Meal Bowl Wean Green Meal Bowl We know packing lunch is good for our health and our bank account. But if you grab any old plastic container, you risk spills—and smells. And while mason jars are portable and adorable, they aren't roomy enough for our appetites.

Wean Green's bowls, on the other hand, can hold a heaping serving of pasta or a large salad. Plus, they come with snap-on lids that are airtight and leakproof. The colorful containers are made from eco-friendly tempered glass, so they're durable and won’t break when dropped (trust us, we can be pretty clumsy). The bowls are also BPA free, which means you can heat up leftovers in the microwave without worrying about transferring potentially harmful chemicals to your food.

The 24-ounce one is our fave for soups, stews, or salads, but you've got options. Sizes range from tiny containers for salad dressing or yogurt to bigger cubes that'll fit a full meal. Bonus: They do double duty as storage for odds and ends around the house, such as jewelry, makeup, tech cords, or office supplies.

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