Victoria’s Secret ads are notorious for featuring models that are about as far from the average American woman as you can get. So it's no surprise the media is applauding the lingerie company for releasing seemingly unretouched photos of Angel Jasmine Tookes where you can see her stretch marks (gasp!). Here's the photo in question:

Victoria’s Secret Model Shows Off Stretch Marks (If You Can Find Them)

And a selection of some of the praise:

First off, can you even see the stretch marks? Squint really hard. Maybe it'll help if we make it a little bit more obvious:

Jasmine Tookes Sure, this is a baby step in the right direction—and a good reminder that stretch marks are totally normal. But this is just one photo shoot, a far cry from the work other retailers (like Aerie and Lane Bryant) have done to show body diversity with women of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

We know Victoria's Secret doesn't market itself as accessible. The company's image is built on aspiration—the Fantasy Bra Tookes is modeling costs $3 million—and that's OK. But it's also not quite fair to call this progress.

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