What do you get for the person who has all the stuff? Uh, more stuff. Definitely more stuff.

iCooker Travel French Press

It might not have the most inventive name, but the way it works is brilliant. Put coffee grounds into the chamber, let them steep in hot water, and then plunge the lever just like you would with a French press. It’s an ingenious little present for a frequent traveler who can’t make sense of the world without coffee. Available at amazon.com, $7.99.

The Art of David Olenick Wall Calendar

What better way to ring in the New Year than with a calendar full of delicious puns? From the brain of NYC-based illustrator and graphic designer David Olenick, the fun drawings feature everything from an ice cream cone saying, “You just got soft served!” to a block of cheese singing, “Graters gonna grate.”Available at amazon.com, $9.55.

Tentsile Flight+ Tree Tent

It’s a tent! It’s a hammock! It’s both?! Tentsile is a lightweight, portable tree-tent that floats above the ground and lets you sleep under the stars. Thanks to its easy design, even the most novice camper will be able to secure the Tentsile between two trees and climb on in. Plus, it fits two people, so give this to a friend you like spending time with.Available at tentsile.com, $280.

Mahabis Classic Slipper

Mahabis slippers are perfect for the friend who wants a comfy shoe that doesn’t scream, “I’ve stopped trying.” Made from a light sheep’s wool, the shoes have a detachable soul and a collapsible heel, making them vital for that tough journey from couch to corner pizza shop. Available at mahabis.com, $99.

Woodland Creatures Stick Pin Set

For the person who looks good but could look awesome, spring for this Woodland Creatures stick pin set. These antique gold-plated pins include a gray wolf, a red fox, and a deer, and are lovingly crafted in Vermont (we assume by someone wearing flannel).Available at skinny-vinny.com, $40.

The Stellarscope

Everyone has a friend who enjoys dark, deserted places far from civilization, right? The Stellarscope is for them. No larger than a soda bottle, the portable planetarium makes it easy to identify stars and constellations. By lining up the time and date with the North Star, your pal will be able to find stars they didn’t even know existed.Available at bestmadeco.com, $38.


The HyperChiller is a smart gift that makes you wise by proxy. Here’s how it works: Pour water into the outer and inner chambers, throw it in the freezer, and then pour up to 12.5 ounces of hot coffee into the insulated vessel. Two layers of ice (protected by stainless steel) drastically lower the temperature of your brew, giving you genuine iced coffee within minutes—without, y’know, watering it down.Available at hyperchiller.com, $29.99.

Cosmos Everywhere Salve

Rarely do you find a beauty product as versatile as this salve. Made with all-natural ingredients (olive oil, beeswax, lavender oil, vitamin E), it works on everything from reptilian elbows to unwieldy brows to gross rashes. Gift it to your buddy who can’t make it from the bed to the couch without walking into a swarm of bees or slipping on a banana peel.Available at cosmosbotanicals.com, $22.

Sake Gumi Monthly Membership

Skip the wine-of-the-month club (yawn) and broaden your booze-loving friend’s horizons with a sake subscription (you know, that drink you ponder for at least 10 seconds before ordering finally ordering a Sapporo). They’ll get two 32-ounce bottles of the Japanese fermented rice drink every month, as well as a guide on how to sip it and what food to pair it with. Available at umamimart.com, $29-$348.

Tile Slim

We all have that friend who’s constantly losing their iPhone/iPad/wallet/laptop/handbag. Help ’em out with the Tile Slim. They can throw the Bluetooth tracker onto pretty much anything and use the Tile app to ring the device or see its location on a map. Available at thetileapp.com, $30.

Daily Harvest

Set your favorite health nut up with a subscription to Daily Harvest. Frozen, whole-food soups or smoothies will be delivered right to their door. All they have to do is add liquid and blend or heat for a nutritionist-approved, chef-created meal. Easy peasy.Available at daily-harvest.com, $50-$200 (deliveries start at $48).

Üllo Wine Purifier

The amateur sommelier in your life will appreciate this genius gadget. The Üllo wine purifier fits on top of a glass and filters out sulfites to bring out the natural taste of vino. It even has a built-in aerator you can turn on and off.Available at ullowine.com, $79.99.

Urbanears Hellas Headphones

Finally, something you can buy your athletic friend that doesn’t involve guessing their jersey size. The wireless headphones have a swipe interface lets you access your music and make calls on the run. But the best part is they’re sweat friendly, meaning you can remove the headband and ear cushions and throw them in the wash when they get gross.Available at urbanears.com, $119.

Casper Doggy Bed

Give the family pet (or your favorite dog person) what it really wants: a Casper. Yep, the hip mattress company is catering to a whole new species with its new doggy bed. Sure, it’s a little ridiculous, but so is that sweater you gave Fido last year.Available at casper.com, $125-$225.

Still searching for that perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas up our sleeves.