Last year, Lexi and Danny Reed turned date night on its head. Instead of heading to their favorite all-you-can-eat buffet, the married couple started cooking food at home. And rather than lounging and watching Netflix, they headed to the gym.

At one point, Lexi weighed 480 pounds, and Danny tipped the scales at 280. Together, they’ve lost more than 300 pounds and documented every step of the way on Instagram—talk about some serious #couplegoals. Their story shows the power of having a workout buddy and someone to hold your hand on your healthy(ish) journey. Because we could all use a pep talk on those days when we don’t want to go to the gym and someone to commiserate with when we’re not feeing another salad.

Now that the Reeds are healthier, they can be more active. For their anniversary last weekend, they went go-karting and climbed the stairs to the top of a monumnet—two things they couldn’t do before.

Take a look at some of the #swolemates’ photos below.