Pretty much the only people who talk openly about their weight are models and wrestlers—oh, and Sam Escobar. The beauty editor at Good Housekeeping doesn’t get why people are so hush-hush about the number on the scale. That kind of secrecy can lead to all sorts of shaming for not being the right weight (like that exists!). As Escobar tweeted:

Escobar told SELF: “I hope people feel more inclined to not hate themselves for whatever number [their weight] is, and not see negative connotations to certain numbers.”

Following Escobar’s lead, dozens of people tweeted how much they weigh (with a selfie, of course), and the result is amazing. There’s no better way to prove once and for all that the number on the scale is just that—a number. It’s not your happiness, your confidence, or your self-worth. Check out these kick-ass replies: