This four-minute ad from Chipotle, a tale of two lemonade stands (well, one is an orange juice stand) growing into huge corporate behemoths, hits all the right notes. It’s got beautiful animation, a love story, and a cover of a classic Backstreet Boys song.

At points, we forgot we were watching a commercial (kudos, Chipotle). It has some obvious digs at other fast-food establishments, like Taco Bell and McDonalds, and the mom-and-pop shop at the end with tacos made from fresh ingredients is clearly a metaphor for Chipotle. But with more than 2,000 stores, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant is pretty much as far as you can get from a family-run business. Exaggeration aside, if the chain continues putting out great videos like this (and keeps E. coli out of our food), we’ll happily purchase more of its delicious burritos.