Yes, yes, we know much of the country is still covered in a beautiful blanket of fluffy white snow (read: nasty, muddy gray slush), but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of the warm weather to come. Here’s a list of everything you need to stock up on to throw the best outdoor soirée your block has ever seen. And guess what? They are all Target party supplies, so they are super cheap (without looking like it).

1. Pineapple Tumblers

With their subtle pineapple-inspired design, these wide glass tumblers are as practical as they are cute. And at 17 ounces, they can accommodate just about any drink out there, from sangria to ice-cold cider.($14.99 for 6;

2. Pink and Gold Steel Beverage Tub

This summer, trade in that beat-up plastic camping cooler for one of these sleek 6-gallon tubs. The gold-painted handles pop against the basin’s millennial pink sheen while the scalloped rim and colored tassels add a bit of flare. All you need is a bag of ice and a few bottles of crisp rosé (see below) and you’re good to go.($16.99;

3. Simply Balanced Watermelon Sparkling Water

This zero-calorie refresher is loaded with fresh watermelon flavor but without the cloying sweetness found in similar beverages. It’s a great way to give bubbly cocktails like spritzes and rickeys a summery edge and is equally as delicious on its own.($2.99;

4. Yes Way Rosé

What pairs better with sunny weather than a glass of rosé? The rosé enthusiasts behind Instagram account @yeswayrose have finally decided to create their own wine. It might not be the most sophisticated bottle on the block, but hey, at $12.99 a pop, it’s definitely fit for a crowd. ($12.99; Target stores)

5. World Peas Texas Barbeque Fava Crisps

Greasy potato chips, it’s time to meet your maker. These zesty, protein-fueled nuggets have a satisfyingly tangy barbecue flavor and a crunch that won’t quit. Toss them in a bowl and just try to hold your guests back. ($3.99;

6. Turquoise Metal Patio Table

Set up shop with one of these bright, cheery patio tables. They’re ideal for cramped spaces like balconies, front porches, and apartment courtyards. While each table conveniently folds flat for storage, year-round patio chillers will be happy to know it’s made from fade-, rust-, and weather-resistant material. ($45; Target stores)

7. Striped Picnic Blanket

Whether you’re feasting in the yard with friends or cuddling up under the stars, this navy and coral quilted spread is 70 square inches of Instagram-worthy adorableness. It even folds up yoga mat style, complete with a handy, adjustable shoulder strap. ($24.99;

8. Simply Balanced Organic Really Seedy Rolled Tortilla Chips

A potent combo of sesame, flax, and chia seeds give this whole-grain, gluten-free chip its signature hearty snap while its distinctive cigar-like shape makes it extra fun to eat. ($2.79; Target stores)

9. Simply Balanced Tangerine Pineapple Mild Salsa

This 100 percent organic, non-GMO salsa is brimming with (all-natural) sugar, spice, and everything nice, thanks to heaping doses of pineapple, jalapeños, plump tomatoes, tart lime and tangerine juice, and a dash of fiery cayenne pepper. ($2.99; Target stores)

10. Floral Print Paper Plates

Those red Solo cups might have fallen by the wayside (hopefully), but even grownups need paper plates. Avoid ketchup-smeared china and piled-high sinks with one of these super charming—and surprisingly sturdy—packs. Post-party you will be eternally grateful. ($3;

11. Turquoise Striped Paper Straws

From vanilla bean-infused cold brew and morning green juice to piña coladas and gin and tonics, every drink under the hot, hot sun looks 10 times more awesome with the addition of one of these striped straws. ($3;