There have been some serious upgrades to plus-size women’s clothing in recent years. But when it comes to menswear, little has changed. Walk into any big and tall store, and you’ll find racks upon racks of boxy button-up shirts and ill-fitted jeans.

Former professional baseball player Mo Vaughn wants to change that with the launch his clothing line, MVP Collections. The company offers stylish pants (sizes 38 to 50) and t-shirts (XL to 4XL).

“I wore the same type of jeans for almost 10 years because I couldn’t have any other options,” Vaughn told Mic in an interview. “I just figured, why can’t 2X and 4X guys have the same styles as everybody else in this world and have this cool look?”

Vaughn says he used to have to get his clothes custom-made for them to fit right, and he knows that’s not something most men can afford. MVP Collection’s clothes are a little pricy—jeans are about $150 and shirts start at $45. But they’re much cheaper than tailoring every piece of clothing you buy.