Our morning cup of joe is usually just another rushed part of the day, but in many European countries, coffee breaks are a moment to hit the pause button and de-stress. Swedes, in particular, take a twice-daily respite (usually around 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.) for coffee and snacks. It’s such an ingrained ritual that they even have a name for it: fika. And it’s likely a reason Sweden is one of the least-stressed countries.

Viveka Adelswärd, a professor at Linköping University, tells Quartz these breaks may actually make workers more productive by allowing them to socialize with one another and return to work more focused and relaxed. Unlike grabbing Starbucks while you scroll through emails on your phone, fika is a way to actually talk to your colleagues and leave everything work related behind, no multitasking allowed.

So take a few minutes to hang out with your coworkers—you’ll probably get more work done anyway.

(h/t Quartz)