Sure, you can go pick up stocking stuffers at the Dollar Store like every other year. Personally, though, we’d rather save ourselves a trip. Amazon, with its enormous selection of items and gloriously free shipping, is our preferred place to shop for all the little items that fill in the (literal and figurative) stocking gaps.

The hard part is sorting through all the junk to get to the good stuff. Here’s a start—these 17 stocking stuffers are cute, cheap, and not total pieces of crap. You’re welcome.

1. Kikkerland Ladybug Contact Lens Case

The free cases that come with bottles of contact solution are just fine, but these little ladybugs will make any morning a tiny bit brighter.($4;

2. Ella + Mila Nail Polish

This Ella + Mila nail polish is a longtime Greatist editor fave for its creamy consistency and durability. The bright colors in the Mommy + Me collection are a sunny addition to dreary winters, and like all Ella + Mila polishes, they’re made without any harmful chemicals, making them safe for people of any age.($8;

3. Mini Wooden Desk Clock

This teeny, tiny clock will fit in the palm of your hand (and in the bottom of the stocking). It can tell you the time or temperature, is activated by clap, and has a useful alarm clock function to boot.($10;

4. Raindrops Gummy Sushi Bento Box

These sushi candies are for the sushi (or candy) lovers in your life who’d prefer that you don’t leave raw fish wrapped up and sitting out all night. Honestly, we can’t blame ’em.($7;

5. 99 Stories I Could Tell

Illustrator Nathan Pyle created this guided doodle book to inspire creative people to make illustrations themselves. It’s great for artists, but anyone who just likes doodling to relax will love it too.($17;

6. The Original Great Grill Scraper

This little tool is about the size of a key, but you won’t find anything better at getting tough-to-scrub gunk off a grill.($10;

7. Kate Spade New York Desktop Calendar

Desktop calendars are surprisingly handy, and this one will make any office space look extra good. With solid construction and a minimalist design, it’s a great go-to.($20;

8. Best of Monday Crosswords

For people who like a challenge but not that much of a challenge, this book of New York Times Monday crosswords is it. It includes 75 crosswords, so it should keep ’em busy for a while.($8;

9. Doiy Sandwich Sticky Notes

Why use plain yellow sticky notes when you could use cheese and bologna sticky notes? These are the important questions we’ve started asking ourselves after discovering these sandwich ones. (Watch, you’re going to start asking the same kinds of questions now too.)($5;

10. Yunko Pineapple Party Ice Cube Tray

Because everyone loves cute food items, here’s another one: a pineapple ice cube tray to make your winter drinks a little more summery.($6;

11. Creative Co-op Dachshund Ring Holder

This porcelain pup holds rings on his tail for a way cuter and waaay less cluttered dresser space. (It’s also handy by the kitchen sink for people who take their rings off washing dishes.)($8;

12. TonyMoly Mini Peach Lip Balm

This fun twist on standard lip balm was basically created to stuff stockings—the peach-scented balm does wonders for chapped lips, and the peach container makes lip balm a little more fun than usual.($10;

13. KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod

A cell phone tripod isn’t just a good gift for budding Instagram stars—it’s also useful for people who travel a lot. Or people who do at-home workouts off their phone. Really, it’s a multifunction tool, and we can think of tons of people who’d appreciate it.($15;

14. Fitglam Natural Silk Sleep Mask and Earplugs

This simple face mask/earplug combo comes in super handy for people who share a room or travel a lot. The eyelashes are a sweet touch, but Fitglam sells versions without them if you’re looking for something simpler.($8;

15. Luggage Tag

This luggage tag—along with the other styles offers—is easy to attach, gives luggage a little personal flair, and keeps your personal info secure with a closing mechanism until you need it.($10;

16. Zmart “If You Can Read” This Socks

Whether your giftee wants tacos, donuts, coffee, or beer, there’s a Zmart sock for them. These cheeky gifts are best served with a side of whatever they’re asking for.($8;

17. Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

There are three million kinds of bottle openers out there, but this little wrestler dude is absolutely one of our favorites. It’s fun and effective—what more could ya ask for?($8;

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