It’s finally cool to be an introvert. (A steady stream of books and articles tells us so.) And as someone who’s always been introverted, it’s amazing that people finally understand when I say, “I’m gonna pass on drinks tonight. I just need a little me time.”

There’s just one problem with people who strongly identify as introverts: Science says they might be walling themselves off from experiences they’d actually enjoy. Take parties, for example. Introverts tend to see social gatherings as nerve-racking experiences—after all, they get their energy from quiet time, alone from others. But research has shown that once introverts have time to adjust, they find get-togethers aren’t nearly as bad as they expected.

If you’re the type that sees being introverted as a badge of honor, challenge yourself to push your boundaries and try new things. Chances are, you’ll enjoy them more than you thought.

(h/t The Science of Us)