Relationships are complicated. At some point, most of us have thought we’ve found The One, only to quickly realize actually, nope, we haven’t. While there’s nothing wrong with believing in romance, it’s often near impossible to know whether the relationship we’re in is good for us or not.

There’s no surefire way to know your partner isn’t going to eventually disappoint you, break your heart, or change their mind, but there are some signs that generally point to a happy relationship. Perhaps your current partner doesn’t make you cry, or they love Shia LaBeouf as much as you do. These are some of the things that might happen if your love life is super great.

1. You’re not thinking about anyone else.

You’re not hankering after a “what if?” anymore, and no longer wonder if there’s something better out there, because there’s not… at least right now.

2. You don’t ask your friends for advice anymore.

There’s no second-guessing if they’re going to text back, and you’re not asking for advice on your sex life. While problems are bound to come up, you aren’t constantly complaining to your friends about your partner.

3. Your partner totally turns you on.

As much as pizza even.

4. Even after a big fight, you don’t have doubts about them.

You love them after every stupid fight, and you’re not about to break up over it.

5. Your communication is on point.

You are both prepared to talk through any problem, even if it’s embarrassing, trivial, or super serious. Neither of you shuts the other person down, because you both recognize open communication is critical.

6. The sex is AWESOME.

And it continues to be great, because you never stop communicating your needs with one another. And if you’re satisfied in bed, why go elsewhere?

7. Hanging out is the absolute best.

You love hanging out with your significant other, even if you’re just sitting around in your underwear watching GoT.

8. Your partner knows all your deepest, darkest secrets and still likes you.

There’s nothing you’re afraid to tell them. They know every terrible thing you’ve ever done, and your sordid fantasies don’t faze them.

9. Compromise isn’t an issue; you’ll meet in the middle.

It’s refreshing when you find someone who isn’t afraid of compromise and will meet you halfway on any issue. That’s love.

Obviously, relationships are complicated and sometimes unpredictable. But if your partner makes you feel comfortable, turns you on, and treats you well, then you might be onto a winner.

Amy Mackelden is a weekend editor at ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR, and Marie Claire. She’s written for Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Ravishly, The Independent, The Guardian, Hello Giggles, and Teen Vogue. She’s currently developing a show called MS Is My Boyfriend, about what multiple sclerosis is really like. Follow her on Twitter @AmyMackelden.