If dogs are man’s best friend, scales are man’s worst enemy. Daily weigh-ins can be a miserable experience, especially when the number on the scale fluctuates like crazy, leaving us feeling discouraged if it’s higher than we expected. How is it possible to gain five pounds in a span of six hours?? We need answers.

Enter Shapa. It’s a new scale that looks nothing like the scary metal boxes hiding behind your bathroom door. It’s super sleek, comes in four neutral colors, and has no numbers. We repeat, NO NUMBERS. So, yeah, it’s a scale that will never tell you how much you weigh.

But don’t worry, it actually does stuff. Shapa gets to know your body with daily weigh-ins and comes with an app that logs all your personal information and results.

Instead of measuring your health with a number (which is, you know, basically meaningless), the Shapa app uses a five-point color scale. If your result is green, for example, that means your weight is within a normal, healthy range for your body type. And that’s all you need to know.

But Shapa doesn’t just keep track of your health. It also encourages you to keep working at it. Based on where you live, how much you exercise, and what your habits are, Shapa will suggest a (totally doable) daily mission. It might be to walk to the grocery store or to eat greens at every meal that day—nothing crazy but enough to challenge you.

After all that, you get a “Shapa age.” It’s a number that indicates how old you “should” be based on your health. Turns out, it’s a way better indicator of wellness than your weight—and it definitely doesn’t suck to hear your body is five years younger than the rest of you.