There’s very little we dislike about the holiday season. But there’s one event that unleashes immediate internal panic: the office Secret Santa. You know the drill: Everyone randomly draws a name and has to buy that person a not-too-pricey but super impressive gift.

This year, don’t fret. Whether you draw your lunch buddy (win!) or that guy from the mail room you’ve never spoken to, there’s an item on this list that fits the bill. Best of all, every gift is $25 or less.

For Your Work BFF

Everyone has a work wife/hubby—that person who is always ready with a joke (or a drink) when the days feel especially long. If you’re lucky enough to draw your office bestie, let ’em know just how awesome they are.2Pac tote, available at, $25.

For the Graphic Designer

Even if your company’s graphic designer already has a real tattoo (or three), these nostalgic temporary ones will make a nice addition to their collection. And if they don’t, perhaps you’ll inspire a permanent decision.Tattly Sesame Street nostalgia tattoo set, available at, $12.75.

For the Stressed-Out VP of Whatever

Whether you’ve got the head of HR or your own frazzled boss, add a little levity to their life with a good ole wooden slingshot. Trust us: Firing a felt ball at a colleague to end a dispute is nowhere in your company handbook, which means it’s totally OK to do.Wooden slingshot, available at, $24.

For the CEO

It’s the name everyone dreads to draw. At Greatist, we believe most predicaments can be solved with avocados. Hence, the perfect gift for the trickiest-to-buy-for colleague: an avocado ornament. Nailed it.Avocado ornament, available at, $8.

For the Sales Rep

This cool sleep mask is perfect for the sales rep who’s in a new city every day. You know, the one making the big bucks so the rest of us can goof off keep our jobs.Aviator eye mask, available at, $16.

For the Ambiguously Employed

Every company has one. What does she do again? How long has he worked here? Is that person in accounting? For the employee who elicits confusion, we offer an equally perplexing (yet awesome) gift: cats rolled up sushi style—on notebooks.Sushi cat notebook, available at, $7.

For the Intern

I believe I asked for a double espresso. And are those pickles on my burger?! It’s not easy being at the bottom of the proverbial food chain. Let your interns know you appreciate all the grunt work—and reiterate you really don’t like pickles—with this humorous pin set.Burger and fries pins, available at, $20 for both.

For the New Hire

Welcome the newest addition to your team with gum that does all the talking for you.Various packs of gum,, $1.79 each.

For the Copywriter

Bring back the classic No. 2. Your favorite copywriter will be jazzed about jotting down ideas old-school style.Colored pencil set, available at, $24.

For the PR Pro

Give the company’s biggest cheerleader this colorful set of sticky notes to remind them they’re “straight up magic.” Straight Up Magic sticky note card set, available at, $12.

For the Office Assistant

Perfect for the person who is always taking notes—at a meeting, during a call, when your colleague is AWOL—this cleverly disguised paper dispenser looks just like a vintage typewriter. It’s the write gift to give. (Sorry, had to.)Typewriter paper, available at, $12.95.

For the Tech Heads

No one—no one!—spends more time glued to a computer than these people. A colorful mouse pad, like this one inspired by modern art legend Roy Lichtenstein, will make it worth their while.Roy Lichtenstein mouse pad, available at, $16.

Still searching for that perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas up our sleeves.