If you get stuck in patterns of not getting stuff done, not fixing bad habits, and putting off major life changes, then congratulations. You’re human.

It’s possible—and actually pretty easy—to get stuck in these kinds of ruts forever. But we both know it’s better if you get out of them sooner than later and get on with your life. You could read endless self-help books, but the ultimate motivation tool is Mental Mastery, an online course from New York Times best-selling author Ramit Sethi.

By the end of his 30-day course, Sethi promises you will do that thing you’ve been meaning to do, whether it’s as small as quitting the snooze button or as big as launching your side business.

It’s not about hacks or random tactics, he says, but about updating the fundamental psychology that drives you until you become the kind of person who gets stuff done calmly and capably. Or, as Sethi calls it, “a winner.”

The course is made up of 20 short videos in which Sethi explains strategies to tackle things like overcoming your fear of failure, quitting internal debates so you can make more sound decisions, and looking at your options with less negativity.

But the real magic is in the reflection exercises at the end of each lesson. They’ll force you to get real with yourself, and that’s when the change really happens.

At $297 (or $29 per month for one year), it’s not the cheapest solution. But it’s one that works.