Presse by Bobble

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on fancy machines or splurge on $3 lattes to get a decent cup of joe. The secret to great coffee is a French press (as long as you measure correctly), and the Presse by Bobble updates the tried-and-true coffeemaker for the modern era, when we’re always on the go.

To get your java fix, simply measure out ground coffee (we used two rounded teaspoons, but you can adjust to your liking), add about 12 ounces hot water, and wait three minutes. Then press down the inner filter and voilà—you’ve got a large cup of coffee in a portable mug to take to the office, on a hike, or to the gym. And it works just as well for tea or any of these heavenly coffee concoctions.

Thanks to the insulated sleeves, your drink stays warm for hours (crucial for long commutes). Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and there’s no glass or flimsy filter to worry about breaking. Basically, it’s unstoppable—and you will be too.