People visit Pornhub to watch other people having sex, and maybe steal a few tricks for their own sexy time. (Though that’s not always the best idea if you’re, say, watching people bang in the kitchen.) So it’s not super surprising to hear that the website is launching the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center (we promise the link is SFW), a blog that bills itself as modern-day sex ed.

You’d think being a porn site would give the blog a certain cool factor when it comes to tackling the birds and the bees, but it’s just as stiff and awkward as those terrible videos we were all forced to sit through in health class.

Creating a central, accessible place for health information and safe sex tips is a great idea, but Pornhub’s execution isn’t great. Here’s what we mean:

To its credit, the blog posts themselves are impressively inclusive, if a little awkward: Articles titled “Trans 101” and “Top Erotic Positions for Lesbians” live next to the more traditional “What Is Consent?” and “How to Have Safer Sex.” That’s promising, so we’ll keep hoping Pornhub can pull this off.