Facebook and Instagram’s harsh (and sexist) image guidelines around nudity make it hard for women to #freethenipple. It’s totally fine when guys have a nip slip, but the social media platforms only allow women to do so if they’re breast-feeding or showing post-mastectomy scars. Sometimes photos can also get the OK if they’re considered art.

As is always the case, where some see restrictions, others see a challenge. That’s the idea behind the one-finger selfie. Can you snap a nude photo in front of a mirror and use one finger to cover up all the parts Facebook and Instagram censor?

People quickly got clever and started giving the middle finger, sending a not-so-subtle message about censoring others’ bodies.

And men joined in too:

We’re all about taking ownership of your body and the right to post it wherever you like, but before you post photos (and we’re not just talking nudes) on social media, it’s smart to understand the terms you’re agreeing to. (Here are Instagram’s and Facebook’s terms for reference.) On both platforms, when you post a photo publicly, you retain ownership, but you also give Facebook and Instagram royalty-free license to use the content as they see fit.