When Pam Anderson rose to fame in the early 90s, we were hooked on Atkins, Tae Bo, and getting six-pack abs. Today it’s green juice, SoulCycle, and fixating on our well-being. The change in mindset over two decades seems like progress: We’re thinking about what’s good for us, not just losing weight. But Connected, a futuristic short film staring Anderson, brings to light the potential dark side of our endless quest for personal wellness. (A quick aside: As you can see from the screengrab above, there’s a quick, NSFW scene where Anderson is clad only in her underwear.)

We watch her drink a kale smoothie, pop supplements, spin at a boutique gym, and go on a wellness retreat. And we can’t help but think, “We’ve done those things!” (Pam Anderson—well, her character—is like us!) But all of this work bettering herself isn’t enough. She says she wants to change everything and get more connected to herself and others. But will she ever get there? Will any of us really get there? And if we don’t, can we be happy? This film is quite the thinker, and even though it clocks in at 10 minutes (much longer than our typical bite-size Internet snack), it’s worth watching the whole thing. Plus, we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked ’til the end.