There’s a growing group of people who have stopped using shampoo. Some go cold turkey, some use only conditioner (also called co-washing), and even others stick with DIY solutions. But before you jump on the no-poo bandwagon, watch this video. It explains the importance of researching home remedies (oil and vinegar, for example, can be more damaging than helpful) and dispels the myth that your hair stops getting greasy after you kick shampoo (turns out your body still produces oil).

It’s worth noting the video comes from The American Chemical Society, the largest scientific society by membership in the world. While the organization makes most of its money publishing scientific journals, it is also funded through donations from major corporations, including the very ones that make the shampoo sitting in your shower caddy. So, this is all to say: We should take the video with a grain of salt, while also understanding that the claims made by the no-poo movement aren’t yet backed up by science.

Originally published March 2016. Updated March 2017.