It’s no secret cleaning sucks. It always takes too long, and you have to buy a million different products for each surface. And, of course, there’s never enough space in the cabinet for all of them.

And that’s before you get to all the toxins that are in most cleaning products. Are we slowly poisoning ourselves every time our toothbrushes accidentally fall bristles-down into the sink?

Maybe? That’s why we’re so excited about Ode to Clean. Created by a doc and a scientist who were disappointed by all the phony marketing surrounding “natural” products, they’re compostable wipes made entirely from plants. The only—we repeat, ONLY—ingredient is something called Bioperoxide. The natural disinfect is a combination of plant-based hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid, which is a natural preservative found in honey, wine, and fruit (all our favorite things!).

The best part is you can use them on everything. Tile? Yep. Mirrors? Yep. Wood? Yep. Pacifiers? Go for it. The wipes are all-purpose, so you can get rid of the other 15 products you have but don’t know what to use on. These bad boys do it all.

And unlike most wipes, they’re not terrible for the planet. They’re biodegradable and made from renewable energy and plants.

Each Ode to Clean kit ($20; comes with a minimalist dispenser and two packs of wipes. Try them for yourself: Get 20 percent off your first order with code GREATIST20.*

*Offer is good through November 30, 2017.