Opening Instagram is often like stepping into an alternate universe where everything is terrifyingly perfect. But model Cacsmy Brutus—better known as Mama Cax—is using her feed to exhibit parts of her body she used to do everything to cover up.

As a cancer survivor and amputee, Cax is no stranger to scars. Her longest runs about 30 inches down her abdomen, and it's why she used to describe her body as "Frankeinsteinesque." But now it's what she's showing off, and her inspiring message explains why:

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Due to a chemotherapy procedure I ended up with a nickel sized scar near my right shoulder blade, whenever I would go out I'd cover it with makeup and thought to myself "one day I'll save enough money to fix it surgically". Months later I had a hip replacement and a muscle flap and 4 months after that, an amputation. All in all the surgeries left me with a scar of about 30 in long from abdomen to back. This was what I used to describe as my Frankeinsteinesque body and suddenly the nickel sized scar was the least of my worries. "We all have scars, inside and out. We have freckles from sun exposure, emotional trigger points, broken bones, and broken hearts. However our scars manifest, we need not feel ashamed but beautiful. It is beautiful to have lived, really lived, and to have the marks to prove it. It’s not a competition—as in “My scar is better than your scar”—but it’s a testament of our inner strength. It takes nothing to wear a snazzy outfit well, but to wear our scars like diamonds? Now that is beautiful." -Alexandra Foss WEAR YOUR SCARS LIKE DIAMONDS 💎 #mamacax #mamacaxbeautytip ______________________________________________

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Here are a couple more incredible shots from Brutus's Instagram. You can also get to know her better by visiting her blog.

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