You may recognize Jessica Walsh, a graphic designer living in New York, from a project she did in 2013 with creative partner Timothy Goodman entitled "40 Days of Dating."

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After revealing her past struggle with anorexia, anxiety, and depression as a part of their new project, "12 Steps of Kindness," Walsh received messages from friends and colleagues about their own mental health battles. She was so moved, she created a site called Let's Talk About Mental Health to share stories about how so many people deal with this every day.

Walsh also transformed snippets of those powerful narratives into eye-catching graphics for an Instagram account of the same name (@letstalkaboutmentalhealth) to help fight the stigma surrounding mental illness. See for yourself in the inspiring examples below. Then read the full-length personal stories on the project website.

"I became strong enough to fight for what I want in life. I learned that fear isn’t real and that I have the power to face it. I learned that nothing in life is worth falling apart over. I realized I could survive anything."

— Dana, 29, Connecticut, USA

"I'm always on edge and irritable in the mornings from lack of rest, and I blame it on insomnia to justify it to the outside world. It's more socially acceptable to many people than anxiety attacks."

— Sienna, 33, Berlin, Germany

"The things that have saved my life are my new boyfriend, my cat named George, and finally finding my calling in life as an event planner here in Brooklyn."

— Alexa, 31, Brooklyn, NY, USA

"As I've gotten older and cultivated more real and honest friendships, I've realized that mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of—they're actually extremely common."

— David, 29, New York, NY, USA

"Her own past struggles made her empathetic to mine. I think love can heal everything, and I haven’t had many OCD tendencies since."

— Andre, 33, New York, NY, USA

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