Matt Damon goes toe-to-toe with CIA agents (again!) in Jason Bourne, the latest installment in the series.

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As you watch the movie, you’ll inevitably wonder how the 45-year-old actor manages to look so jacked. We have your answer: Damon treated working out like a job for the year leading up to filming.

The actor worked out five times per week with the help of a Hollywood trainer and had all of his meals planned in advance by a personal chef. Here’s one of his crazy-intense toning workouts:

  • 100 sit-ups
  • 300 push-ups
  • 50 squats
  • 50 squat jumps
  • Pull-ups with 35-pound weight strapped to waist
  • Single-leg squats with 125-pound dumbbell in each hand
  • Sled pushing and pulling

Just looking at that makes us tired, which is one of the reasons we’ll never look like Jason Bourne. Plus we can’t spend all day working out. We’ve got jobs, family, friends, and happy hours to attend to.