Most makeup commercials look exactly the same: windblown hair, perfect makeup (duh), and some famous model whispering into the camera about full-coverage blah blah blah.

But CoverGirl is defying the idea that beauty can look only one way. The brand just added a new ambassador to its roster of badass reps: trainer and Instagram star Massy Arias.

What makes this so awesome is that Arias isn’t a model or an A-list celeb. Yes, she’s gorgeous (and happens to have more than 2 million followers on Insta), but she’s also relatable. She’s a new mom who regularly posts about dealing with her postpartum body and balancing working out with family time. And she’s dreamt of being a CoverGirl since she was little, just like us.

We love that CoverGirl is committed to representing beauty of all kinds. Along with Arias, the brand named pro motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda as an ambassador—and, over the past few years, brought on its first ever CoverBoy, James Charles; 69-year old Maye Musk; and Nura Afia (the first CoverGirl to wear a hijab). This sends an important message about inclusivity in the makeup world, and we’re excited to see other beauty brands follow suit.

Photography: Julia Hembree