Contraception for men has been the same for decades.Finally, science found a form of male birth control that’s more effective than condoms, but not as drastic as getting a vasectomy. It’s called Vasalgel, and it’s a gel that gets injected into the vas deferens to block sperm.

It’s the same idea as a vasectomy, except it’s completely reversible (all it takes is a simple ultrasound to stop it from working) and much less invasive. And unlike the male contraceptive shot that made waves a few months ago, Vasalgel hasn’t shown any side effects.

So far the gel has been tested on 16 rhesus monkeys, a relatively small sample. But it was 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancies, so researchers are planning on testing it on humans soon. That means there’s a good chance that in the not-so-distant future, men will no longer have an excuse for shying away from long-term birth control.