Four months ago Amanda Ramirez, an Instagram-famous makeup artist, was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But the 22-year-old was adamant that a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent rounds of chemotherapy weren’t going to stop her from feeling (and looking) beautiful:

“I was definitely like this prior to the cancer, and it’s helped me immensely with dealing with my treatment,” Ramirez told Yahoo! Beauty. “When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful.”

Ramirez’s Instagram isn’t your average beauty account. Empowering (and often hilarious) captions accompany her photos to encourage others to love themselves the way they are. “For years I was bullied and fat shamed, but I took the initiative to say, ‘Enough!'” she told Yahoo! “I’m beautiful regardless of my size, and it does not define me, or anyone else for that matter.”

Between her #fuckcancer attitude, fierce makeup, and body-positive affirmations, we seriously can’t get enough of this chick. More of this in our Instagram feeds, please: