Before your kid is born, you envision making all your baby food from scratch. You buy the Vitamix and create a whole Pinterest board. But then they’re here. And you barely have time to eat lunch or put on pants, let alone steam and blend food for your cute, screaming kid. So instead you roll your eyes at your pre-baby self and order Little Spoon.

The fresh (read: not something that’s been sitting on a grocery-store shelf since Obama was in office), organic blends are exactly what you’d make if you had the time—and the imagination to come up with combos like chia-mango-coconut milk and kale-bean-pear-basil-quinoa. Because the folks behind Little Spoon are clearly thinking about the flavor profile of each blend, it’s a great way to intro your kid to the notion of enjoying their food. Not to mention the packaging is super cute.

Not sure which nutrients your baby needs? Little Spoon makes that part easy too. You can fill out a quiz that will guide you on what to get based on your child’s stage, or you can explore the ingredient options and what each brings to the table.

Even better: You only have to order once—the volume and contents of your order will grow with your kid. You can pause or cancel anytime, but the biweekly, right-to-your-door delivery is such a no-brainer, you probably never will.

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