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I’m lucky enough to be writing this week’s column on vacation. There are beautiful views and water all around, and it’s pretty much untouched by anything too modern. Among the vast wow-ness of the scenery, just being here is an unexpected spiritual lesson in universal laws that apply to our little lives too.

Here’s what just a few days outdoors is highlighting for me!

1. It’s OK to take time off.

In fact, it’s essential. But it’s so hard to turn off sometimes, isn’t it? I wrestle with this deeply. I don’t want to miss anything, let someone down, or miss an opportunity. But FOMO is not only destructive, it’s plain ridiculous. Nothing in nature is always on—the seasons change, animals go into hibernation, there is a season for tomatoes, strawberries, asparagus… and it’s never every single season. They take rest and time to become whole. And you need to too! Otherwise, you’ll fizzle out fast.

2. There’s no hustle.

Nature knows patience better than anyone. We don’t plant a seed and scream at it to grow, put calendar updates around it, or keep a timer in frustration. We let it do its sweet little thing, right? We can make the conditions supportive, and the rest has to evolve in its own time.

No matter how much pressure you put on a seed, it will flourish when the timing makes sense. Are you pushing yourself a little too hard? Instead, could you focus on making your environment healthy—filled with supportive friends and great emotional resources (like inspiration from books and podcasts!)—and give yourself the space to grow into what’s naturally coming next?

3. There’s enough for everyone.

When you look at the ocean, the vineyards, and the vast landscape from any vantage point, there’s no scarcity. I heard an old saying once, that if you brought a thimble, a cup, or a bucket to the sea and took what you wanted, there’d still be plenty for everyone else. Simply looking out at an expansive view or body of water reminds me of the total abundance of the universe—and even makes me feel a little silly for the shortage mindset that bubbles up when I’m feeling anxious.

4. You’re always co-creating.

One of my deepest beliefs is that we’re always supported, and external forces align with internal forces on demand. When you create, do, act, the world cannot help but move with you. Through our consistent action, the magic—the changes, the flow, the progress—is forced to arise.

5. The sun always rises.

Is there anything more calming and reassuring than a sunset? They always bring me a sense of peace and comfort—the sun rising and falling is the one thing that you can always bet on, no matter what. Someone once said that sunsets are proof that no matter whathappens, every day can end beautifully. I like that very much.

And even better? It’s knowing that in a few hours, it’ll be back. Because darkness, no matter how long, is always followed by the light.

Susie Moore is Greatist’s life coach columnist and a confidence coach in New York City. Sign up for free weekly wellness tips on her website and check back every Tuesday for her latest No Regrets column!