When Lena Dunham tweeted that she was too sick to make it to a book signing, she recieved lots of backlash from fans. One even criticized her for being “too sick” to go, noting that she herself was back at work six days after a C-section. Instead of ignoring the haters, Dunham took to Instagram to remind us how messed up it is that we bash each other for being sick and brag when we recover quickly:

We’re glad Lena flipped the script on this nasty comment to make an important point about the way we talk about medical leave (like maternity and paternity leave). Sure, there may be people in your office who fake the sniffles to get out of work once in a while, but since we’re not doctors, we can’t really judge when someone’s “too sick” to come in or not.

Thanks for reminding us to take care of ourselves, Lena.