Remember when therapy was, like, the most taboo subject? Everyone just pretended things were fine and dealt with their issues in secret. A logical solution! (Not.)

Let’s be real: We’re all struggling here. So let’s talk about it. Even better, let’s talk to professionals about it. Therapists are expert listeners—it’s literally their job to help you overcome your problems. And we’re not the only ones who need them: Celebrities do too.

A new video series from filmmakers Alex Karpovsky (you might know him as Ray Ploshansky in Girls) and Teddy Blanks—who collectively call themselves “Spielbergs”—digs into what celebs have learned from (many, many) years of therapy and why they found it useful.

The series is called Shrink, and its first season features Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Susan Orlean, Gary Shteyngart, Kimberly Peirce, and Natasha Lyonne. In each two-minutes-or-less episode, the artists break down the stigma surrounding therapy by talking openly, honestly, and humorously about their experiences.

Sarah Silverman, for example, talks about struggling as a teenager and learning to love herself through therapy.

And Lena Dunham explains how her therapist helped her come to terms with her obsessive-compulsive disorder:

Not only is this show proof therapists are real-life superheroes, but it’s also an important reminder that we’re all dealing with sh*t. Having fame, money, success, popularity, whatever can’t make our issues go away. The best we can do is admit to ourselves—and ideally the people we love—that we’re struggling, so we can get the help we need.