‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a gift from me was given, not even a blouse
I tried hitting the mall, why is shopping so intense?

Oh sh*t not again… I forgot to buy everyone presents.

Sound familiar? Look, not all of us can be prepared all the time. Some of us like to live on the edge and procrastinate until the very last second just to feel that rush of panic.

Or, more likely, you were just really really busy and couldn’t get it together this year. That’s OK too—because we have 15 really great gifts you can print out the day before—or even day of—and still look like a total hero.

1. Richer Poorer Quarterly Sock Subscription

You’re laughing now, but when you stop to think about it, socks really are a good gift. This subscription delivers adorable styles for men or women four times per year to your recipient. It’s a classic gift, upgraded.($28-$48 per box; richer-poorer.com)

2. Babbel

Whether they have a trip on the horizon or just want a new challenge for the year ahead, Babbel makes learning a new language less intimidating. Each lesson is designed to teach your giftee conversational language skills—i.e., phrases you’d actually say instead of the formal conjugations you struggled with in middle school. Smart voice recognition software and interactive dialogues led by native speakers mean your recipient will nail their accent when asking for directions to the nearest wine bar.($49 for six months; babbel.com)

3. Ugly Produce Box

Signing someone up to receive deliveries of rejected produce may not sound like a glamorous gift, but it’ll help prevent billions of pounds of food from going to waste. Companies such as Imperfect Produce, Misfits Market, and Hungry Harvest have started packaging up cosmetically imperfect produce for a discount. The fruits and veggies might be ugly, but they’re perfectly edible and worthy of a place on your giftee’s plate.(from $15; hungryharvest.net; imperfectproduce.com; misfitsmarket.com)

4. America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

Whether your recipient is an expert hiker or someone who just needs to get out more, an America the Beautiful pass gives them access to all U.S. national parks and federal recreational lands. Not only is it a great excuse to spend more time in nature, but it also helps fund the preservation of parks and wildlife across the country—go you.($80; nps.gov)

5. Aaptiv

With New Year’s resolutions on the horizon, give the fit-minded person in your life a personal trainer in their ear. Aaptiv combines audio workouts with super-motivating playlists, so whether they’re training for a half marathon, looking for maternity-friendly workouts, or just trying to touch their toes, there’s a workout for them.($99 for one year; aaptiv.com)

6. Fender Play

Count playing an instrument as one of the many things I wish I would’ve stuck with as a kid. Luckily for me—and other musically inclined people out there—Fender did us a solid with these online guitar lessons. Give your Slash-in-training a 12-month subscription so they can ditch the Hot Cross Buns melody for real songs they actually like.($90 for one year; fender.com)

7. A Year of Candy

This gift is kind of genius. Send someone a piece of candy every week for a year. It’s just enough sweetness to brighten someone’s week, not enough to overindulge. Print out the subscription and gift with their favorite treat so they have something to unwrap day of.($50; blueribbongeneralstore.com)

8. Pack Up + Go

Ideal for indecisive friends or anyone who has a framed picture of the word ~wanderlust~ in their living room, Pack Up + Go turns travel into a surprise party. The agency will plan a three-day getaway for your giftee. The surprise? They won’t find out where they’re going until they get to the airport. Pack Up + Go handles everything from travel and hotel arrangements to packing lists and restaurant recommendations. You can fund part or all of a trip with handy gift cards you can print out or send via email.(from $100; packupgo.com)

9. My Coffee and Book Club

Consider this gift Book Club 2.0—it’s a subscription box that comes with a 12-ounce bag of small-batch coffee (a different blend every month!), two hardcover books from a selected genre, and an e-book selection for reading on the go. You can start with a one-month gift or go all out with a full year of good reads and good coffee.($39 for one month; mycoffeeandbookclub.com)

10. Adopt a Whale

… or a dolphin. Or a sea turtle. All donations fund much-needed oceanic research and marine life preservation, but also, your giftee becomes the adoptive parent of a WHALE. No caretaking skills required.($40-$135; pacificwhale.org)

11. New York Times Crossword Subscription

This gift says, “I’m cool without trying too hard, and I also appreciate your intellect, which is why I opted for the NYT edition instead of an insulting gas station variety.”($40 for one year; nytimes.com)

12. Fuego Box

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a box full of hot sauce. Purchase a subscription or a single box filled with a variety of sauces according to your recipient’s desired heat level. Print out the voucher code, fold it into a cute card, and do a fiery salsa dance to celebrate your last-minute gift-giving prowess.($25-$168; fuegobox.com)

13. The Outbound Pursuit Series

This is the ace in the hole for winning Best Gift Giver 2018. With activities like mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding, trail running, slacklining, camping, cocktail sipping, dancing, and mowing down on s’mores, this adult summer camp keeps glampers busy—but not so busy they won’t have time to thank you 100 times over for the nostalgic adventure of their dreams. Register your friend for one of three weekend-long camps or present them with a wrapped IOU and let them pick.($399-$499; pursuit.theoutbound.com)

14. Midwest Supplies Gift Card

Don’t fall into the trap of picking out a bottle for the beer dorks and wine snobs in your life. Let them go straight to the source with a Midwest Supplies gift card. They can peruse wine-, beer-, kombucha-, and cheese-making kits, or snag individual ingredients and equipment to experiment with their own recipes. And unlike similar supply shops, it’s independently owned, so your purchase supports craft brewing. Cheers to that.(from $10; midwestsupplies.com)

15. Jeni’s Pint Club

This is a splurge, yes, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving. They’ll get four pints of insanely good Jeni’s ice cream delivered straight to their door, four times a year. It even includes a fun gift card to put under the tree.($230; jenis.com)