KRAVE Jerky Team USA Sampler

To say we get excited about the Olympics is an understatement. We tear up at the opening ceremony, fist-pump when our favorite athletes medal, and stay up way past our usual bedtime. It’s basically become a sport in its own right. And like any athlete, we need to have the right food on hand to stay energized.

This year we’re stoked that KRAVE Jerky is rolling out its Team USA Sampler just in time for the 2016 Olympics. The box contains three flavors: garlic chili pepper beef, sea salt original beef, and lemon garlic turkey. The all-natural jerky is a favorite pre- and post-workout snack for many of the members of Team USA. That’s a group that knows a thing or two about powering up before working out! We were going to wait until the opening ceremony to open our box but couldn’t help ourselves from diving in while watching the qualifying rounds.