Did your high school have a lettuce club? Ours didn’t, but nowkids across the country are battling it out to see who can eat a head of lettuce the fastest. Sure, it’s healthier than chowing down on hot dogs, but competitive eating (even when it’s salad fixings) is bound to do a number on your digestive tract.

This strange trend took off after a photo of a lettuce club event at the Maine School for Science and Mathematics went viral on Tumblr. The rules are simple: You can use whatever sauces and condiments you want, the person who finishes first becomes club president and organizes the competition next year, and here’s the kicker: If you can’t finish in 30 minutes, you’re banned from participating for a year. Quickly downing a head of lettuce might seem easy (it’s mostly water, after all), but this video of BuzzFeed employees giving the challenge a try shows it’s harder than you’d think.