Silencing your inner cookie monster can be tough, especially when late-night cravings hit. There are dozens of tips for getting rid of those I-want-chocolate-and-I-want-it-now impulses, but Khloe Kardashian nails the best way to deal with cravings: Indulge them.

“When I have a serious craving, I remind myself to exercise portion control,” Kardashian wrote in a story on her app. “I believe that if you want chocolate, go for it. If you really need a handful of chocolate, eat it, or else you’re definitely going to binge later.”

Sometimes it’s not just a craving, and you’re legitimately hungry. Here’s an easy way to tell: If all you had at home was tofu, would you eat it right now? If the answer is yes, you’re hungry, explained Karen Ansel, a registered dietician, in an article on Self. Go ahead and have a little of whatever you’re craving, but make sure you also grab some food that will fill you up (think: protein or complex carbs).