Celebrities really are just like us—most want to change something about the way they look. (Thanks, unattainable beauty standards!)And if anything, they have more resources to make those changes. So it shouldn’t be surprising that 25-year-old singer JoJo (you know you remember her early-2000 anthem “Leave (Get Out)“) went to the dermatologist this week to get Botox for the wrinkles around her eyes.

Her dermatologist refused. And in hindsight, JoJo says she’s grateful the doctor stopped her. The singer took to Instagram to share her story and talk about the struggles of learning to love yourself:

This is for anyone who picks themselves apart. You are not alone. I went to a dermatologist this morning with plans to get Botox under and on the sides of my eyes. Lately I’ve been wicked self-conscious about how my cheeks push up and have made lil wrinkles there. (This picture doesn’t show how deep one of the lines actually is—the one right above my cheek ). Concealer sits in the creases and I felt like: Damnit, I am too young to have wrinkles wtf!!!!! So I went to go “fix it.” The moral of this story is… my doctor turned me away. And I really really appreciated it. She could’ve taken my money and honestly I might’ve looked and felt stupid afterwards. She straight up told me, “This is your anatomy. These are your cheeks. You have these lines because you must smile a lot.” And yes, that made me smile…

There are so many images and messages we receive from all angles that can make us feel inadequate in the skin we’re in. At 25, it’s hard to love and celebrate 100 percent of myself 100 percent of the time. But I’m really trying. That’s my truth. And I’m thankful to the real ones who remind me that I’m enough—just as I am.