Dennis Rodman is known for being quirky, and now we know the former basketball player is kinky too. In this obviously NSFW Vice video, Rodman talks about breaking his penis three times. Once we got over the graphic imagery, we wondered: Is that even possible? After all, the penis isn’t a bone, so it doesn’t make sense that guys could break it like they would their arm or leg.

But penile fractures are a real thing, and they can happen when an erect penis bends too much, causing bruising, swelling, and severe pain that can warrant an ER visit. (Rodman’s claims of blood spurting everywhere may be a little exaggerated.)

These fractures are super rare. Hunter Wessells, M.D., chair of the urology department at the University of Washington School of Medicine, told Scientific American his hospital sees one or two cases per month. So no need to stop trying new things in the bedroom, but know there’s a small chance sex can lead to a very real injury.