Sometimes it seems like Instagram is making us more critical than ever before. Fit bodies, endless travel photos… how do we measure up? It can be hard to deal with, but a new social media movement is fighting back against impossible standards.

Jameela Jamil, an actress on NBC’s The Good Place, started the Instagram account I Weigh to remind us there are more important ways to measure success than the numbers on our clothing tags or scales.

It started when Jamil noticed a photo on Instagram guessing the weight of each Kardashian sister. She was furious and posted on her story: “What is this toxic bullsh*t? This is how women are taught to value themselves. In [kilograms].”

In retaliation, Jamil shared a selfie listing the non-numerical things she values most about herself, including her job, her relationship, and her independence. “I like myself in spite of everything I’ve been taught by the media to hate,” she wrote. “I make an honest living. I speak out for women’s rights.”

The post drew a flood of responses, with people sharing their own “I Weigh” photos. They’re unedited, unfiltered, and as real as it gets. And we have to say, the whole thing is really f*cking inspiring.

Jamil is spot on with her criticism of the media. The nature of social media puts a huge focus on perfection, what with all the filtered content promoting unrealistic ideas about beauty and wellness. So we love this opportunity to talk about all the things we don’t see—the careers built, the relationships bringing joy, the passion projects getting people out of bed in the mornings.

These are what’s worth celebrating. These are the “measurements” that matter.

“Please think of the things in your life that you are proud of, that fulfill you, that make you happy,” Jamil writes about the movement on her blog. “Write them down somewhere, and look at that list every time you feel that you are failing, or that your jeans are tight, or you have a chubby arm in a group photo of a night out, or when you watch a video of a Hadid eating pasta.”

You are unique and badass and strong. Be proud of your life and the things you have to offer. And if you ever need a reminder, Jamil’s account is the perfect rainy day cure.