Losing a few pounds is hard. Losing a ton of weight? That’s crazy difficult. We like to think that once we get down to our goal weight (which may not be a good idea in the first place), the challenges are just magically over. But of course that’s not true. Among other things, you have to re-learn to love your body.

That’s something Kenzie Brenna knows all too well. The Toronto native posted a powerful photo on Instagram showing off the one part of her body she finds so hard to love: her loose skin. After all, it’s something we rarely see in the media, and the people who do flaunt their loose skin often plan on having it surgically removed one day. Brenna found a lot of solace in the the Instagram community built around the hashtag #embracethesquish, and she’s passing the tip along to other people who might be dealing with a similar struggle: