Losing a few pounds is hard. Losing a ton of weight? That's crazy difficult. We like to think that once we get down to our goal weight (which may not be a good idea in the first place), the challenges are just magically over. But of course that's not true. Among other things, you have to re-learn to love your body.

That's something Kenzie Brenna knows all too well. The Toronto native posted a powerful photo on Instagram showing off the one part of her body she finds so hard to love: her loose skin. After all, it's something we rarely see in the media, and the people who do flaunt their loose skin often plan on having it surgically removed one day. Brenna found a lot of solace in the the Instagram community built around the hashtag #embracethesquish, and she's passing the tip along to other people who might be dealing with a similar struggle:

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This is apart of me I'm not changing. 🚫 Not only do I not have the finances to chance this part of my body, I don't have the emotionality to change it. To actually undergo the surgery I've researched and phoned in about so many times, I can't do it. ❌ I don't blame others for going through it, it's just not something that I can do. I honestly don't even hate this part of me anymore, through #embracethesquish I have found more and more women who help me accept this part of myself. 🌸 There's nothinggggg to be ashamed of. A body part that doesn't look like the body parts you've seen PLASTERED in the media, doesn't make it wrong. Yes it'll feel wrong to embrace. Yes it's counterintuitive to love yourself as is. Yes there will be moments where you're not fucking good at accepting yourself. And you'll truck through all of them, just like you have with the last x amount of years of yourself. When I get messages from my friends, people from my city, women from other countries, on different continents, within different cultures that tell me I help them love themselves a bit better, I end up loving myself a bit more in the process. GOOD ATTRACTS GOOD. If what you're doing right now DOESNT feel good, STOP. Start doing something that might be a little scary (but may be a little fun) and try something new. Chasing yourself in circles fuelled by dislike, hate, negativity will NOT equal out to a positive, well balanced, harmonious, loving, soothing, body, mind or soul. If could all just embrace the squish a little more maybe we wouldn't be as rigid to ourselves and to others. #selflovebootcamp #selfloveisthebestlove #beyourownhero #beautybeyondsize 💞💞💞💞💞

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