We can all agree hosting is damn hard work. So it shouldn’t be a thankless job. Whether you’re headed to Friendsgiving 2018, swinging by a white elephant party, or staying with your S.O.’s parents for the holidays, skip the $12 bottle of wine and show up with one of these thoughtful gifts instead.

1. Tango Chile Sauce

You name it, we’ve put this on it. Anyone who loves Sriracha will flip for this carrot-based hot sauce, which also happens to be vegan, Paleo, and gluten-/sugar-/dairy-free. So yeah, it works for pretty much anyone.($13; amazon.com)

2. Jonathan Adler Cloud Vase

We’re big fans of the new Jonathan Adler/Amazon collab and think these pretty Cloud containers are the perfect way to kick-start your friend’s fancy vase collection. Even better if you fill one with a small bouquet before arrival.($28-$38; amazon.com)

3. Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

The holidays are ridiculously stressful—even more so if you’re trying to figure out how to squeeze 36 people into your tiny apartment for an ugly sweater party. Be a good guest and help your host relax with these fancy-looking, CBD-infused gumdrops.($45; shop.lordjones.com)

4. Tamanohada Fish Soap

Yes, $34 is a lot for a bar of soap. But this Japanese soap on a rope is anything but ordinary. It’s made in the shape of a fish called tai, which is considered to be a good luck charm. We suggest stocking up—it’s the perfect gift to have on hand for whatever event comes your way.($34; amazon.com)

5. Brightland Alive and Awake Olive Oil Set

Olive oil always makes a great gift, but most of the time the bottles it comes in aren’t exactly gift worthy. Brightland’s Alive and Awake duo, on the other hand, has modern packaging and colorful labels, making it something your host will use and proudly display.($63; huckberry.com)

6. Stick With Me Bonbons

Think outside the Godiva box and present your recipient with these almost-too-good-looking-to-eat bonbons instead. The small works of art come in flavors ranging from black sesame and passion mango to PB and jelly to sea salt caramel. Your host won’t know whether to eat them or hang them on the wall.($25; swmsweets.com)

7. Four Sigmatic Golden Latte

If you’re staying overnight, it makes sense to bring coffee. But you know what’s an even better idea? Mushroom coffee. This blend contains shiitake shrooms for healthy skin and better immunity, plus turmeric to help with inflammation and joint pain. Your host will thank you for introducing them to their new morning beverage.($16; amazon.com)

8. Collyer’s Mansion Leopard Tray

If your giftee is known for putting out a good spread, add this glossy leopard tray to their serveware repertoire. Its leopard pattern is whimsical and sophisticated at the same time.($42; ofakind.com)

9. Healing Home Foods

We eat a lot of granola here at Greatist, so trust when we say Healing Home Foods is king of them all. The almond butter chunk version is a consensus fave, but really any flavor makes a nice thank-you.($9; amazon.com)

10. CAP Beauty Coconut Butter Threesome

If you haven’t tried coconut butter yet, it’s richer and thicker than coconut oil and tastes delicious in coffee, on toast, in fat bombs, or straight outta the jar. This colorful set of algae-, matcha-, and berry-infused butters is insanely giftable, but we bet nobody would turn down a single jar of the classic either.($78; capbeauty.com)

11. Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Any host worth their salt (ha) needs the one-and-only flaky Maldon sea salt in their cabinet. This is the gift we’re giving everyone this year.($5; amazon.com)

12. Sun Splatter Serving Set

This yellow-splattered serving spoon set is the closest you can get to gifting actual sunshine.($28; leifshop.com)

13. Who’s Most Likely To Game

Your host has enough to worry about. Do them a solid and bring the icebreaker/post-dinner entertainment. Who’s Most Likely To is exactly what it sounds like—a party game where you decide which person is most likely to wake up with half a burrito in bed/not stop talking about their trip abroad/still have a Beanie Babies collection.($16; urbanoutfitters.com)

14. Mouth Cocktail Kit

Showing up with a bottle of booze is fine. Showing up with a bottle of booze and one of Mouth’s new cocktail kits will get you invited back every single time.($64-$100; mouth.com)

15. H&B x Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box

In the age of Pinterest and Evernote, there’s something special about actually writing down favorite recipes and new creations. Any host who likes tinkering in the kitchen will appreciate this recipe box and card set from badass apron maker Ellen Bennett and everyone’s favorite stationer, Anna Bond.($34; hedleyandbennett.com)

Still in search of the perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas right here.

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