“No means no,” writes Nick Savoy, a self-proclaimed dating expert, in a Men’s Fitness article titled “How to Turn a No Into a Yes.” “You’d have to be a psychopath or an imbecile to dispute that.” But then he contradicts himself: “Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to change her mind. But sometimes you can if you know what her concerns are—and what she’s not going to tell you.”

The predatory and offensive piece (it included sections on how to convince girls to say “yes” at a bar, on first dates, in the bedroom, and in relationships) had been on the Men’s Fitness website for at least a year before writer Aura Bogado called the publication out on Twitter:

Men’s Fitness quickly removed the story, but that hardly makes up for the fact they didn’t bat an eye when they published the article with suggestions like “plow ahead anyway.”

We’re proud the internet rallied around Bogado and shared in her outrage. Here are some of the most popular responses on Twitter: