Stocking a kitchen can be a treat if you have unlimited funds. But if you’re trying to be thrifty, it’s not so easy. What’s worse: Living with cheap dishes you kind of hate or accidentally breaking the nice set you splurged on?

If this dilemma sounds familiar, you’ll be a fan of H&M’s new kitchenware line. It’s affordable enough that a few broken plates here and there won’t phase you but pretty enough that you might find yourself being extra careful, just in case.

Our favorite vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli hosted a breakfast to celebrate the launch last week—and of course the meal was served entirely on H&M’s sparkly new products. Think gray and white porcelain dishes and minimalist wooden serving trays.

What’s even better than the super versatile, monochromatic color palette? The price point. Plates and bowls start at $2.99 a pop (!!!), and though larger serving trays and platters skew a bit higher, they’re all under $30. We rounded up a few of our favorite items from the collection—check them out below.

1. 4-Pack of Wooden Ladles

They’re not measuring spoons, but these four different-size ladles are perfect for putting sugar in your morning coffee and sprinkling salt on all the things you put salt on (so, everything?). These scoops are so cute, we may never use another utensil again.($14.99;

2. Clear Glass Bottle

This fancy-looking glass bottle is perfect for holding homemade salad dressings (or disguising the store-bought kind). It comes with a seasonally appropriate acorn-topped cork and looks way more expensive than it is. It’ll definitely impress guests at your next dinner party and might even make you want to eat salad more often. Win-win.($9.99;

3. Cotton Twill Apron

We might start making more messes in the kitchen just so we can pull out this cool, 100 percent organic cotton (part of H&M’s Conscious collection) apron. The straps are faux leather and adjustable, which means you won’t need to tie that awkward knot at the back of your neck.($24.99;

4. Porcelain Plate and Bowl

This porcelain plate and bowl each come in three neutral colors (gray, black, and white), but you can mix and match them if you can’t decide which color you like best. Also, each piece is less than $5, so you’ll definitely be able to justify getting one of each.($3.99 and $2.99:

5. Wooden Cutting Board

Just imagine all the cheese you could fit on this big (like, 8-by-15-inch) cutting board. So much cheese. That alone makes this board worth it, but we think the casual, rustic vibe really seals the deal.($29.99;

6. Metal Trivet

This acorn-shaped trivet is obviously perfect for fall, but it’s so fun we’ll probably use it year-round. It comes in gold and silver too, in case you’re so *nuts* about this one you want a few more.($9.99;