As a rule, the body-based trends that take over Instagram kind of suck. (We don't miss you, thigh gap obsession and belly button challenge.) And while it's great that the latest trend of showing off "hip dips"—or the divet some women see in their silhouettes between their hip and upper thigh—celebrates a part of the body often seen as a flaw, we're not crazy about seeing them all over our social media.

Why? Because comparing your body to someone else's is not super great for body positivity. Nor is focusing on and obsessing over one body part to such an extreme degree.

At the end of the day, though, we'd much rather see women talking about accepting their bodies as is, rather than struggling to reach insane—and sometimes unhealthy—body goals for the sake of an Instagram challenge.

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Soooo...let's talk about Hip Dips a.k.a. 🎻 Hips. To be 100% honest, the only hip dip I've previously been familiar with is the workout one where you're in side plank dipping your hip down to work your obliques. 🤔 But I suppose there's a new hip dip in town that describes the indent that occurs after your hip and before your thigh begins. . For anyone asking "how do I fill in my hips?", let me tell you that this was never a "problem" until people started making it a problem. With pics of models on IG in string bikinis and body con dresses showing off their tiny waists, wide hips, and super hourglass figures - you see those pics getting tons of likes which makes you feel like that's how you need to look! It makes you start to believe that this is THE BEST body type, the MOST IDEAL body type, the body type that GUYS LIKE. And you start to think that if you don't look like that, you're not good enough. 😔 Move over magazine covers...Instagram pics are the new beauty standard. 🙄 . Listen up. Hip dips are NORMAL! If your hip bone sits a tad higher than your femur, fat and muscle in that area are likely to cave inward. Literally THAT IS ALL. So if you want to spend all day and night fighting the natural anatomy of your body trying to "fill in" your hips, let me tell you right now that you are better off spending your energy elsewhere. Focus on being stronger. On enhancing what you've got instead of focusing on your "flaws." Hip dips do not make you a good person, a bad person, a skinny person or a fat person. They just are. . Now...onwards to more important things in life!!! #blogilates #hipdips

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Alright... real talk. I am very critical of myself and I am very self conscious of my hips. I think my body is weird... seriously weird. It's like I have a double hourglass figure and not in a good way 😂 my waist goes in but then my hips go in too, so I have two curves on each side - anyone else? 🙋🏽 - Turns out, my Violin Hips or Hip Dips are normal. Just means that my hip flexors and outer quads are my dominant muscles. So what? Sooo... it means my legs are super strong 🏋🏽‍♀️ I plan on working out the muscles around my hips to strengthen, and if that makes my hips a little less violin like, then so be it 😂 but if not, I'm not gonna stress it anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️ For those of you buying those stick on hip fillers (yes, they are out there) to look "better" in clothes, don't... you're beautiful!! - 🏋🏽‍♀️ LEG DAY ***⏱checkpoints will help keep your pace! So pay close attention to your time today*** You have 10 sets of each👇🏽 •30 sec sprints, Speed 10, 30 sec rest ⏱checkpoint: 10 minutes in •10 Jump Squats •10 sec speed Jump Rope, 10 sec rest ⏱ checkpoint: 20 minutes in •10 Stair Sprints (20 steps) ⏱checkpoint: 30 minutes in •10 Rows, fan 10 ⏱ checkpoint: 40 minutes in •10 High Knees, Pause on 3 (Pause = 1) •10 High Wall Jumps ⏱checkpoint: 50 minutes and COMPLETE! - ⌚️513 Calories in 50 Minutes for me, what about you? - #BeHappy #BeYou 🎻

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